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Titans of Industry

A collective of global executives from Fortune 500 companies, along with influential thought leaders in technology, finance, and government, joined forces to ensure the development of the Web3 ecosystem in a fair and just manner. This group of stakeholders engaged in co-opetition to find ways to leverage blockchain technology to address real-world problems and create innovative solutions. The collective lobbies for ethical, equitable, practical web3 policy prioritizing consumer protection.

The elite group of 25 or less decision-makers kicks off with a series of cocktail hours and/or dinner parties curated by Crypto Tutors. The series will foster meaningful networking alongside strategic business development.

Attendee Job Titles

  • Global Head of Web3

  • Chief Legal Officer

  • Chief Innovation Officer

  • D&I Manager

  • Managing Director

  • Head of Policy

  • Member of Congress

  • SVP of Payments

  • Head of Product

  • Communications Director

  • Senior Solutions Manager

  • VP of Transformation

  • Sr. Blockchain Consultant

  • Director of Engineering

  • Data Science Manager

  • Chief of Staff

  • Senior Solutions Manager

  • Data Science Manager

  • Technology Risk Principal

  • Enterprise Partnerships

  • CEO


Fortune 1Ks, Governments, Institutions, Trade Assoc., Non-Profits, Fund Managers


Technology, Banks, Payment, Finance, Security, Custody, Accounting, Web3, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Digital Assets, Policy & Legislation, Cloud, Gaming, Consulting, Media Production, Venture Capital, Private Equity.


  • New York City

  • Charlotte

  • Atlanta

  • Chicago

  • Austin

  • San Francisco

  • Los Angeles

  • Portland

  • Miami

  • D.C. 

  • Nashville

  • Denver

  • Las Vegas

  • Boston 

  • Puerto Rico


The Web3 Equity and Innovation Collective is dedicated to fostering a fair and just development of the web3 ecosystem. We aim to harness blockchain technology and decentralized solutions to address real-world problems while upholding principles of transparency, inclusivity, and ethical innovation.


  • Promote Fairness -

    • To ensure the benefits of web3 technologies are accessible to all and do not perpetuate existing inequalities.

  • Advance Innovation -

    • To drive innovation in blockchain and decentralized technologies with a focus on solving pressing global challenges.

  • Ethical Governance -

    • To establish ethical guidelines and governance structures that prioritize transparency, accountability, and decentralized decision-making.

  • Global Collaboration -

    • To collaborate with stakeholders from diverse sectors, including Fortune 500 companies, technology leaders, government bodies, and civil society, in pursuit of shared goals.

  • Education and Advocacy -

    • To raise awareness and educate the public, policymakers, and industry leaders about the potential of web3 technologies and their responsible adoption.

  • Data Privacy and Security -

    • To advocate for strong data privacy and security measures within the web3 ecosystem, protecting users' rights and interests.


  • Equity -

    • We believe that web3 technologies should be harnessed to reduce disparities, empower individuals, and provide equitable access to opportunities.

  • Innovation -

    • We encourage innovative approaches and solutions that leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world problems efficiently and ethically.

  • Transparency -

    • We commit to transparency in all our activities, from decision-making processes to the allocation of resources.

  • Inclusivity -

    • We strive to include diverse voices and perspectives in our collective, ensuring that the benefits of web3 technologies are accessible to people from all backgrounds.

  • Responsible Stewardship -

    • We recognize our responsibility to act in the best interests of society and the planet, and we will consider the environmental impact of blockchain technologies

Code of Conduct

All members of the collective are expected to adhere to a code of conduct that promotes respectful communication, ethical behavior, and collaboration. Any violations of this code will be addressed through a transparent and fair process.


The collective will operate indefinitely, with periodic reviews and updates to the charter to adapt to evolving technology and societal needs.


By adopting this charter, we, the members of the Web3 Equity and Innovation Collective, commit to working together to ensure that web3 technologies contribute to a fair, just, and innovative future for all.

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