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Why Will Companies Sponsor Crypto For The Culture?

We are looking for companies to use as examples to use during the conference. Marginalized Communities have $3.9 Trillion in buying power and they want to know which companies are inclusive of all races and genders. Is your organization a brand of choice for the culture? If so, please click here to learn about our sponsorship options or email

2022 Schedule


12pm - 12:05pm EST

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Nina Blankenship

Key Note Speaker Arthur Hayes.jpg

Defi All Odds
12:05pm - 12:30pm EST

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Arthur Hayes

Digital Assets Speakers.jpg

Digital Assets
12:30pm - 1pm EST

  • Maika Isogawa

  • Bradley Allgood

Business of Blockchain Speakers.jpg

The Business of Blockchainn

1pm - 1:30pm EST

  • Sterling Ingui

  • Dotun Rominiyi

Careers in Crypto (Part 1) Speaker.jpg

Careers In Crypto
1:30pm - 2pm EST

  • Roebs 

  • Rena Shah

  • Nicole Osborne

Bitcoin 101 Speaker.jpg

Bitcoin 101
2pm - 2:30pm EST

  • Lisa Francoeur 

  • Michael rihani

Careers In Crypto (Part 2) Speakers.jpg

Careers in Crypto
2:30pm - 3pm EST

  • Dr. Ronzelle Green

  • Ashley Glover

  • Milly Rowett

NFT's & Gaming Speakers.jpg

NFTs & Gaming
3pm - 3:30pm EST

  • Letta J

  • Summer Watson

  • OP

  • Sandy Carter

Crypto Legislation Speakers.jpg

Legislation and

3:30pm - 4pm EST

  • Cleve Mesidor

  • Adrian Hale

  • Amena ross

Overcoming the Crypto Winter Speakers.jpg

The Crypto Winter

4pm - 4:30pm EST

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Sunil Daluvoy

  • Danny Brown Wolf

Crypto Security Speaker.jpg

Crypto Security
4:30pm - 5pm EST

  • Kristin Potocki

Success Stories Speaker.jpg

Success Stories
5pm - 5:30pm EST

  • Chris Lyons

Crypto Technical Analysis & Trading Pairs Speakers.jpg

Technical Analysis
and Trading Pairs

5:30pm - 6pm EST

  • Moeti Ncube

  • Nina Blankenship

  • Justin Blount

Crypto Rewards Speakers.jpg

Crypto Rewards

6pm - 6:30pm EST

  • Christel Quek

  • Pietro Moran

  • Christopher Yeramian

  • Abigail Wessel

Building in Web3 Speakers.jpg

Building In Web3
6:30pm - 7pm EST

  • Maureen Murat

  • Nyla Hayes

  • Emily Williams

Crypto Venture Capital & Funding Speakers.jpg

Crypto Venture Capital
& Funding

7pm - 7:30pm EST

  • Jonathan King

  • Christian Narvaez

  • Zach Gordon

  • Jeffery Johnson

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