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Crypto For the culture
November 2023!

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About the Conference

Crypto for the Culture is organized by Crypto Tutors (Founders of the first Crypto Diversity Conference). In 2021, we attended many crypto conferences and saw that 80% of the speakers and attendees were not diverse. People of color are in crypto, women are in crypto and marginalized communities are in crypto. But where were they? Also, most crypto conferences cost between $500-$10K to enter. We wanted to break down all barriers to entry for both speakers and attendees and created Crypto For The Culture (Free & Virtual Crypto diversity conference) and provide a free crypto education. Crypto For The Culture is taking place virtually on November 3rd and you’re invited to attend for free by registering! 


The goal: Crypto For The Culture is providing representation, connective tissue, and unifying a fragmented industry where diverse leaders/investors are often overlooked. Until now! Attendees can be edutained, learn actionable takeaways from each panel session, and apply to careers in crypto or blockchain.

Sponsors and Supporters

Why Will Companies Sponsor Crypto For The Culture?

We are looking for companies to use as examples to use during the conference. Marginalized Communities have $3.9 Trillion in buying power and they want to know which companies are inclusive of all races and genders. Is your organization a brand of choice for the culture? If so, please click here to learn about our sponsorship options or email

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