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Crypto For The Culture
Virtual Conference
Coming November 3rd, 2022!

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About the Conference

Crypto for the Culture (organizers of the 1st Crypto diversity conference) is taking place virtually on November 3rd and you’re invited to attend for free by registering! 


The goal: Crypto For The Culture is providing representation, connective tissue, and unifying a fragmented industry where diverse leaders/investors are often overlooked. Until now! Attendees can be edutained, learn actionable takeaways from each panel session, and apply to careers in crypto or blockchain.


Why Will Companies Sponsor Crypto For The Culture?

We are looking for companies to use as examples to use during the conference. Marginalized Communities have $3.9 Trillion in buying power and they want to know which companies are inclusive of all races and genders. Is your organization a brand of choice for the culture? If so, please click here to learn about our sponsorship options or email

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Event Schedule

1:45pm - 12:00 EST

  • Lisa Francoeur


Defi All Odds
12pm - 12:25 EST

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Arthur Hayes

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The Business of Blockchain
1pm - 1:25 EST

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Halving
2pm - 2:25 EST

Careers in Crypto
3pm - 3:25 EST

  • Dr. Ronzelle Green

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NFTs & Gaming
4pm - 4:25 EST

  • Letta J

  • Summer Watson

  • Sandy Carter

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Legislation and

4:30pm - 4:55 EST

  • Alfarida Mohammed

  • Cleve Mesidor

  • Maureen Murat

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Overcoming The Crypto Winter
5pm - 5:25 EST

Crypto Security
5:30pm - 5:55 EST

  • Kristin Potocki

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Success Stories
6pm - 6:25 EST

  • Chris Lyons

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Technical Analysis
and Trading

7pm - 7:25 EST

  • Priyanka Jain

  • Moeti Ncube

  • Justin Blount

  • Cameron Mcintosh

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Crypto Rewards
7:25pm - 7:55 EST

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