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Crypto For The Culture
Virtual Conference
Coming soon 2022!

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About the Conference


Brought to you by Crypto Tutors, the Crypto for the Culture Diversity Conference is taking place virtually on October 7th and is set to be the largest diversity crypto conference online!

Topics will include Blockchain, NFT/Games, Success Stories, Crypto Security, Tokenomics, Careers in Crypto, Crypto Legislation/Governance, Trading, Technical Analysis, How to Research an Alt Coin, How to read a whitepaper, Staking examples, Defi, Web 3.0, Remittance, Crypto Funding. 

The goal: Crypto For The Culture is providing representation, connective tissue, and unifying a fragmented industry where diverse leaders/investors are often overlooked. Until now! Attendees can be edutained, Learn actionable takeaways from each panel session, and apply to careers in crypto or blockchain

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Event Sponsors

Why Will Companies Sponsor Crypto For The Culture?

We are looking for companies to use as examples for how to research crypto, technical analysis, how to read a whitepaper, how to stake, NFT tokenomics, how to research an altcoin, and companies that are providing career opportunities in cryptocurrency or blockchain.Like web 3.0, customers will choose which platforms, companies, and projects to invest in. Marginalized Communities have $3.9 Trillion in buying power and they want to know which companies are inclusive of all races and genders.Is your organization a brand of choice for the culture? We have a variety of sponsorship packages. If so, please fill out the form below or email if you are interested to learn about sponsorship options.

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2M+ Crypto enthusiasts will be invited to join us in empowering marginalized communities with the knowledge that can be transferred into wealth. Our speakers and supports have a social media reach of over 2M. social media posts will drive the attendees of the conference. 2M x1% RSVPS from social media posts=20k and 40% attend =8,000 expected to show up live.

Event Schedule

Opening and
Crypto Rap Performance


12pm-12:15pm EST

Business of Blockchain

12:15pm-12:45pm EST

  • Cuy Sheffield 

  • Rayshoun Chambers

  • Stefan Deleveaux

  • Hill Harper


Giveaways and Free Resources!

12:45pm-1pm EST

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Marina Spindler

Success Stories

1pm-1:30pm EST

  • Dawn Dickson

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Jim Jones

  • Isaiah Jackson

NFTs (Smart Contracts)

1:30pm-2pm EST

  • Sandra H.

  • Micah Johnson

  • Cas Patterson

  • Iris Nevins

NFT Gaming/Play to Earn

2pm-2:30pm EST

  • John Wolff

  • Cassie Hinnen

  • Sira Toure

Crypto Taxes

2:30pm-3pm EST

  • Pat Larsen

Careers in Crypto

3pm-3:30pm EST

  • Sara F. Ellison

  • Genesis Whitlock

  • Bitcoin Vegan

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Lamar Wilson

  • Najah Roberts


3:30pm-4pm EST

  • Haseeb Awan

  • Mark Kreitzman

Crypto Security.png

How to Research an Alt Coin

4pm-4:30pm EST

  • Tinashe Nyatanga

How To Research An Alt Coin.png

How to Read a Whitepaper

4:30pm-5pm EST

  • Mike Petrillo

  • Deepak Nuli

Technical Analysis

5pm-5:30pm EST

  • Justin Blount

Crypto Technical Analysis.png


5:30pm-6pm EST

  • Deidra McIntyre

  • Michelle Tnsg

  • Yele Bademosi

  • Moeti Mcube

Crypto Funding/Lending

6pm-6:30pm EST

  • Jeff Amico

  • Erikan Obotetukudo

  • Ashlie Meredith

  • Jomari Peterson

Crypto Legislation/Governance

6:30pm-7pm EST

  • Senator Carol Blood

  • Julie Stitzel

  • Cleve Mesidor

  • Christine Parker

  • Mayor Jayson Stewart

Web 3.0 Entertainment

7pm-7:30pm EST

  • Elsa Ramon

  • Lisa Francoeur

  • Christel Quek

  • Edwardo Jackson

Success Stories Pt.2

7:30pm-8pm EST

  • Ken Tanabe

  • Zach Burks

  • Tavonia Evans

  • Amber Baldet

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Let's Brainstorm created the full branding experience for Crypto For The Culture. This website, graphic design, animation, edited the immersive view for each panel, created all organic and paid ad campaigns (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), video & sound production. Their entire team is full of creative geniuses. We highly recommend hiring Let's Brainstorm.